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Syrian Medical Services LLC “SMS” was established in 2004 and was able within a significantly short period of time to expand its activities to cover the most vital departments in hospitals and other types of health care facilities.

The company offers integrated solutions to the customers by selecting products after a thorough assessment of their specific needs. This is combined with continuous technical follow up to ensure the efficient performance of the equipments by implementing after sales services according to the international standards. The company also offers extensive technical training to the customer’s personnel to ensure the safe use of the equipment and the optimal benefit of the features of the products.

SMS has privileged from partnering with leading international companies in various medical sectors which is exposing the company’s team to continuous learning opportunities and enabling them to follow the fast moving trends in the market in terms of applied technologies. Such partnerships are providing higher added value to the final customers since it is combining the global capabilities of the international partners with SMS understanding of the local market.

SMS is also the leading company in providing Turnkey solution to the health care sector through its partnership with leading international companies in this domain. The company has successfully executing several types of hospitals in different geographical locations in Syria. The scope of work included the logistic handling, installation, put into operations, and services and Training managements of all types of hospital equipments.


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